Jiashan County is an ancient city in the south of Yangtze River on the plain in the north of Zhejiang province. Because of its honest folk and hospitality Jiashan got its name from 'di jia ren shan', which means good land and kind people. Locating at the joint of Zhejiang province, Jiangsu province and Shanghai municipality, the county covers an area of 506.6 square kilometers and has 11 towns and a population of 650,000. Jiashan boasts advantageous location and convenient transportation as Shanghai-Hangzhou Railway, Shanghai-Hangzhou-Ningbo Highway, Shanghai-Jiaxing-Huzhou Highway, Suzhou-Nantong Highway (under construction) and G320 Highway runs through the county. If we take Jiashan as the center, you can reach Shanghai, Hangzhou, Suzhou and other big cities within one hour driving.

Jiashan is one of the first opening-up cities approved by State Council. With fine natural conditions it is honored 'a land of fish and rice', 'home of silk' and 'a land of culture'. There is an ancient town called Xitang who has become a famous scenic spot because of its thousand-year-old Wu and Yue ancient customs and its well-preserved Ming and Qing ancient architectural complex with an area of 250,000m².

Since the reform and opening up, Jiashan develops rapidly. The GDP in 2007 was 181420 million RMB, increased by 16.4% than 2006. The revenue was 2315 million RMB, 23.3% higher than 2006. Jiashan has become the attraction of investment because of its good location and fast-developed open-oriented economy. Now Jiashan has four character industries, i.e. wood industry and furniture, hardware and machine, electronic, textile and costume. In 2007 we made great achievement in attracting investment. The contracted foreign investment is 541 million USD, while the actually utilized foreign investment is 328 million USD. The import and export is 1881 million USD including 1360 million USD of export. The GDP per capita is 6500 USD. It ranks 27th in the top 100 most developed counties and cities in China.

We hope there will be more and more people coming to Jiashan to have a look and become our friends. We are willing to build a better future with you!

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